May 14, 2015

15 Day Challenge - Inbox Zero

I’ve been trying to have a challenge at the beginning of every month, but I didn’t keep the habit in this May. Instead of just waiting June, I decided to start a new challenge for the half of this month.

So the challenge is Inbox Zero. I’m trying to keep my inbox zero, by following Inbox Zero for Life. It keeps my inbox mostly zero, but then the number of starred items is keep increasing. In other words, I’ve been achieving Inbox Zero, by just sweeping emails under the rug.

I have 151 starred emails now, and I’d like to make the number zero, at May 31. The formula for the desired number of the emails would be

(151 / (31 - 14)) * (31 - day)

Then the number for tommorow is 142.11. Does it work for me? Maybe.

Another challenge for this quarter is, I’d like to share my goals and action items with others a bit. I was following Derek Sivers’s advice in Q1, but I’m not sure it did work or not. I sometimes just forgot the goals by keeping them secret. So I’d like to do an A/B testing.