May 8, 2015

My new camara bag and two Crumplers

I bought Crumpler’s Light Delight Foldable Backpack and it has arrived this week.

I wanted to have a camera bag, which can be a day-to-day backpack, not so pricey (Ona and Zkin are not), not so dull (CaseLogic is a bit dull for me). Then I found Crumpler’s Light Delight.

Crumpler is a bag company with two separate headquarters. The one is in Melbourne, and the other is in Berlin. In the States, Crumpler’s products are from the former. In European countries, Crumpler’s products are from the latter. Unlike Apple in Japan vs. Apple in the States, two Crumplers have totally different products.

This bag is from Crumpler in Germany, but I’m living in the States. doesn’t have the bag and I bought it on Ebay. Then it was delivered from Ukraine.

I have to bring my MacBook Pro this week somehow, which might be too heavy for the bag. So I will use the bag from next week.