April 8, 2015

com.pactdisc.com is managed by Ansible

com.pactdisc.com is my secondary domain. When I bought the domain, I was really into Scala and realized that I couldn’t use “com.8-p” as a package identifier. Therefore I bought “pactdisc.com” to make it meaningful, even as a package identifer. Also it looked like “del.icio.us” or “script.aculo.us”. Web 2.0 rulez!

However I’ve been spending my Scala life mostly on Scaladoc somehow, where I don’t have to have own package.

Then I’ve figured out that this domain would be a good place for testing Amazon Web Services, Ansbile and all of “Infrastructure as Code” stuff. Contrary to 8-p.info, com.pactdisc.com doesn’t have anything. I can do whatever I want.

So now com.pactdisc.com is hosted on Route 53. The actual host is on EC2, which is managed by Ansible.